Sissikou Ayuk Tabe and Co., at the Military court.
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I can Still remember that one of the worries of Common Law Lawyers that triggered the present crisis was the fact that French magistrate who can’t express themselves in English and who studied Civil Law were been posted to serve in courts in Anglophone zones.

The problem was that most of the cases brought there concerned anglophones who don’t understand French.

The anglophone leaders (Sisiku and co) who are been tried at the Yaoundé Military Tribunal recently complained of language issues in court that they do not understand French and even the appointed interpreters are not helping the situation.

The magistrate hearing the case, Colonel Men Michel who since the beginning has not issued a word in English could not help the situation.

Transfer of Colonel Mem Michel

The transfer of colonel Mem Michel from the Yaoundé Military Tribunal could be a major step to resolving the language crisis in the case by now appointing an English speaking magistrate as requested by the defense lawyers.

But again the transfer of a Civil Law French Magistrate to an entirely English speaking Zone raises the same problem that provoked the crisis.

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