Sissiku Ayuk Tabé et son staff.

The International community and some NGOs saw reason with the defense lawyers and equally invited the government of Cameroon to ensure a fair trial of the civilians accused of secession, terrorism, hostilities against the state, lack of National Identity Card,…

la RTS, la radio des majors. Notre radio partenaire, fête ses 20 ans de service public

That is not even the good news.

Throughout the trial, the accused, Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe  and Co have been decrying their detention conditions especially refusal to issue visit permits to their family members and friends.

One of their greatest contestation has always been the process of taking them to court and back.

The transportation means to them has not been the best, and the long wait in Court (for over 7 hours at times) for the judge to arrive and begin the hearing was not good news.

To make thins worst, during their stay in court (at military tribunal) authorities do not care about their feeding and thirst.

That is how they will spend the whole day in court without food or drink, if not for what comes from their family, friends and sympathiser.

Even at that, eating inside the court room has not been their wish, with security men and women all around them.

Now that the verdict is out;

– The transportation stress is no more there.

– The long wait in court is no more there.

– The starvation sitting incommunicado is subdued.

– Their message of a poor trial they believe is now clear to those they were addressing it to.

These points and others constitute the bright side of the verdict, while waiting for the way forward.

The idea of a presidential pardon is also a very important point to note given that it is always destined to those who have been tried and sentenced, like is the case now with the anglophone leaders.

Another good news could be in the making.



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