Issa Tchiroma, Ministre de la Communication

The Minister of Communication who doubles as government’s spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakary met with the national and international press in Yaoundé less then 24 hours after the Confederation of African Football, CAF stripped off hosting rights of AFCON 2019 from Cameroon. Focus was to throw more light on the CAF decision and presents government’s position.

In less than five minutes, Issa Tchiroma told the world that Cameroon has acknowledged the decision from CAF and will respect it to the later.

He however regretted the consequences it would have but promised that the government of Cameroon will carry on the construction of stadia, roads, and other aspects as planned relative to the organisation of the event. To Minister Tchiroma, the country will be ready on the D Day as promised by the head of state Paul BIYA.

The fast and prompt reaction from the government comes at a time when accusing fingers were pointing at the government for failing its people by letting go the hosting of the prestigious football event.

Social media reactions went as far as to request the resignation of top government officials including the head of state.

Others had questioned the fate of the different construction sites underway in the country, saying works could come to a temporal halt since the pressure for organization is no more.

The press briefing of Minister Tchiroma was also to clarify public opinion on such claims as he insists that the pace of the works shall be maintained.

By deciding to strip off the hosting rights from Cameroon, CAF in order words told the world that the country of Roger Milla was on a snail pace preparation which could weigh much on the competition given that it is holding for the first time with a new format, 24 teams grouped in six pools.

Security issues equally feature as part of the negative points that played in the disfavour of Cameroon.

Worth noting is the fact that Cameroon was initially attributed the hosting rights in 2014 with just 16 teams, and the terms changed along the line. But Cameroon did accept to carry on with the hosting.

The decision striping off the hosting rights from Cameroon is a shock to some Cameroonians but many saw it coming and are not surprised.


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