General Melingui Nouma, was dismissed by the Head of state, M. Paul Biya.

Never has the replacement of a General or commander been discussed nation wide as that of General Donatien Melingui Nouma.

President Paul Biya in a Decree signed on the 07th of May 2018 appointed Jotsa David as the new commander of the 21st motorized infant battalion in the South West region, replacing General Melingui appointed at the ministry of Defense as inspector general in charge of forces.

The changes are considered as military sanctions following the “mess” that has been going on in the region with soldiers been beheaded, killed in battles and all what they can do is burn villages and shoot at civilians according to field reports from some media channels.

As former commander of the Military headquarters brigade in Yaoundé, where the country’s reserve equipment are stocked, President Biya knows him so well. Before then he was deputy director of Presidential security. Observers and critics say he could be a brilliant military superior , but his handling of the situation in the S.W region leaves much to be desired.

For military action to be effective and efficient the other structures in charge of intelligence must do their work. The military executes plans based on intelligence gathered by the police, gendarmes and other specialised structures but in the S.W, soldiers come in late most often , then take on the innocent at times.


General Melingui admitted in a foreign media that some soldiers are frightened with the strength of the “Ambazonians” in Mamfe and other areas, and that some have deserted , while some joined and trained the fighters. The declaration is considered as dangerous for the morale of Soldiers and Image of the Military.

General Melingui also admitted that the Military has been burning houses in the Region but that ONLY those houses where arms were found in them or suspected to harbour “Amba boys” were their targets. His comments were in contrast to what the Communication Director of Defense Ministry said. Conel Didier Badjeck, had told the Press that the military has never set fire on a single house.

He (General Melingui) has been replaced by a Colonel, smaller in rank than him, and has been appointed at the Ministry of Defense in a position which is more or less, a “garage”, as some French Colleagues will always say.

On a global note, several persons who have been at the war front and whom we talked to all say he (General Melingui) was very receptive , they spoke well of him. This is evident by the fact that he even granted an interview to a foreign Channel, not every General at war front will have time for the Press.

The million dollar question on every lip now is, was he too soft, too fatherly or too truthful in handling the crisis and military atrocities?

Time and further actions on the field would definitely bring answers to these questions.


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